Our Team

Our loyal and talented team of illustrators is below.  We strive to bring you fun, unique images on a weekly basis for your coloring pleasure.
If you would like to be considered for our illustration team (and to earn a weekly recurring income) please contact us here.


Vee Hartley

LinkLinkLink Vee Hartley works from her studio in Leeds, UK. She uses ink and watercolour to illustrate different characters and critters, sometimes surrounded by shapes and patterns to suggest landscape or scenery.  Transmitting a narrative by composing imagined circumstances and adopting a slightly muted palette, she embraces a playful aesthetic with undertones of nostalgia. Her inspiration is collected from her admiration of animals & nature, memories of childhood and storybook imagery. As well as influences from artists such as Edward Gorey, Lauren Child, Thurop Van Orman and Beatrix Potter.

Chris Ousley

Chris is a painter and illustrator living in La Vergne Tennessee with his wife Diane, cat Mini Sue, and pup Lucky Marie. He enjoys painting and drawing in various genres. Landscapes, a city scene, maybe a pet portrait will be on the easel. Head over to his drawing board and some Art Nouveau / Art Deco influenced pen and ink drawings may be there. He took a Zentangle class two years ago and that lead to him to doing these swirly deco designs. He also says those drawings really relax him in the evening. He studied Illustration and Fine Arts at The Harris School of Art. Chris is proficient in oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, pencil, pen and ink. He also enjoys playing keyboards, fitness and riding his motorcycle.

Dan McGibbon

Link “Rainbows in Your Mind”
When I was a young child I remember how much I enjoyed coloring, being very careful to stay in the lines and use all the different colors. I loved rainy days because I knew I could stay in the house and practice my art. I then discovered I could draw from what I saw or from my imagination. The fire was fueled and creating art has become a major part of my life. My passion for creating art has grown from those first coloring books to the artwork I create today. Imagination is the ability to develope colorful images in your mind and transfer them to a tangible object. To be able to see the rainbow-colored thoughts is the greatest gift of all.  Enjoy!
Color and Bring Out Your Imagination!

Elena Catalán

Link I was born in Barcelona, in January-1978 under the astrological sign of the snake. My parents were artisans. My mother a painter, my father a glass sculptor. The creation is in my genes. I am very versatile and creative. I have a great need for expression. Drawing in my refuge. I need to create my world. I studied arts and crafts, fashion design and comic. I participated in art exhibitions, both collective and individual.
I work as a freelance illustrator. Also participated in exhibitions of designers, and I´m creating my own brand of baby products.

Elena Catalán, Ilustración

Aleksandr Pintorinskiy

Illustrator by vocation, by profession and in my spare time since 1996. Enthusiastic about the Spanish comic, Fantasy art and 3D character animation.My work and my art style vary according to the needs of the client.I´ve being working in publication of children’s books, commercial decorations, horror attractions, tv show and movie films.

I greatly admire the artwork of Frank Frazetta, Luis Royo, Milo Manara, Brom, Sorayama, Dorian Cleavenger and Boris Vallejo.


I am an Illustrator and graphic designer from Blantrye Malawi, currently living in South Africa. I work as a graphic designer, I have worked in ad agencies sign making industry and now vehicle branding.
I am specialize in logo design, illustration design, and branding and offer services to businesses in designing. I learned to draw as a young child.
I enjoy painting and I use pastels for my art. I enjoy drawing vintage and scenes, one of which is vintage cars.

Jacqui Sack

 I was raised in a creative family and exposed to fine art from 5 yrs old, so for me, art was a part of my life as well as music and writing. In school from a young age I enjoyed drawing and creative writing and began playing musical instruments. From the age of 15 I began to formally study fine art till high school when it became an elective in grade 10. By then sketching, art, creativity, design and writing became a part of who I am, for me I always believed that people are like radios, some of us are AM wavelength and others are FM wavelength, we just different, which makes us awesome :). I specialised in graphic design for grade 11 and matric and was accepted to study a bachelors degree in graphic design. I finished my 3 yr degree in 2010 and continued with my 2yr Honours degree in graphic design. For a brief period, I was a university lecturer in various subjects involved in a graphic design degree but left to continue studying and return to being a designer. I decided to study User Innovation and Experience to better myself as a designer and graduated cum laude from MIT. I currently am a freelance creative coordinator and starting up my own business dealing in events, graphic design, web design and gourmet cupcakes 🙂

Katarzyna Ociepska

Link Graduated from the Faculty of Arts Pedagogical University of Cracow (Art Education). Diploma of linocuttitled “Listing Moments” defended with distinction in prof. Jerzy Jędrysiak in 2009. Dedicated to creating illustrations (linocuts, drawings, collages, graphic design), photography and writing poems. Inspired by everyday life, listing details of the world around her.

Melissa Waldeck

I’m Melissa Waldeck. I’m 21, and what influences my art is music, life and what I believe can change people positively.