We spend the first eighteen years of our lives dreaming

—about being a grown-up, having a job, driving a car, and having children of our own—and then we spend the rest of our lives slowly realizing that being a kid wasn’t so bad after all. Long afternoons spent blowing bubbles outside, watching the family cat relax in the sun all day, drinking hot chocolate and playing in the snow…kids have a charming way of losing track of time and becoming completely absorbed in the task at hand. Continue reading “We spend the first eighteen years of our lives dreaming”

Coloring with the kids is going well:

my Fatherly Approval Rating is currently through the roof, and my wife keeps chuckling to herself—suspiciously, and at odd times—so I’m pretty sure the entire family is happy with my recent attempts to stay inside the lines. My mini-experts were quite mad at first because Daddy kept breaking crayons and was incapable of divining their complex and constantly revolving color theories. Purple sky? Orange grass? I don’t even ask anymore, and my wife assures me that this is well. She also continues to assure me that she will—very soon, dear—stop posting action shots of me coloring. (All over the internet.) Continue reading “Coloring with the kids is going well:”